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Amy Winehouse inquest results

So, we all knew that it was some form of overdose that had killed her, but this still made me sad. I'm really glad I got my anchor tattoo (to match hers) though... especially glad now, in a way, because I could have drunk myself to death quite easily, if I hadn't managed to pull myself back into the real world and force myself forward, if I hadn't got help for my anxiety and depression.

I know it's silly to compare myself to a dead celebrity; that's not what I'm trying to do here. What I'm saying is that, for me, her tragedy is representative of a whole generation's tragedy, and that having this anchor permanently etched into my skin will serve as a reminder that I don't want to end up just a statistic...

Mind you, when I get my Marilyn tattoo in December, my body will just be covered in symbols of dead celebrities. People are going to start thinking I'm a bit nuts. :P

x L x
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New tattoo!

Why an anchor? )

I have an appointment to get my Marilyn pinup in December, and my sister and I have agreed to get matching tattoos in a few months (we haven't decided what yet but I've left her thinking about it cause she's really excited.) That'll be six tattoos by next year. After that many, you pretty much accept the fact that you're going to be covered in them. I made Bob promise he'll still love me when I'm a 'crusty old goth'. :P

x L x


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