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I can't actually believe this. I found out a few nights ago that one of my favourite people in the whole world is moving to Glasgow on Thursday. My friend Lipi (who I knew from when I lived in Manchester) has been offered a place on a Masters programme in Glasgow and only found out about it last week. She emailed me in a panic asking for a sofa to crash on until she can get a flat sorted out. Fortunately, I unofficially live with Bob at the moment, so my bedroom is going unused and I've offered it to Lipi on a temporary basis, following my flatmate's approval. I am expecting them to get along fine but if there should be any issues, we can always shuffle her between flats until she finds a place of her own, and if the worst comes to the worst, Bob's sofa is mega comfortable.

This means I have three days to clear a Lipi-shaped hole in my bedroom, move out a bit more of my things and get the place into a vaguely habitable state (as it's mainly been used as a dumping ground for the last few months. I made an event page on Facebook called 'Help Lipi Make Friends in Glasgow', which horribly embarrassed her but I wasn't able to sleep last night for worrying that she'll be lonely when she gets here. I figure a pub venture is in order a few days after she arrives so that she can be introduced to some nice alternative people.


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Pub? Let me know when, if it hasn't already happened.