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madamedeficit ([personal profile] madamedeficit) wrote2011-09-05 10:49 am

Anchor tattoo

New tattoo!

I've been asked this a lot, most likely because it's a fairly generic symbol and can't obviously be linked with the things people know about me. So this is why:

1. I love 50s sailor pinups, and I considered getting a sailor pinup but decided to get a Marilyn pinup instead, so this is the next best thing.
2. Amy Winehouse had an anchor on her stomach that said 'Hello Sailor'. She was one of my favourite singers and a style icon to me, and I wanted to pay tribute to her in a way that was not instantly obvious.
3. I love anchors, aesthetically.
4. It represents mental stability. I realised after it had been done that it's on the wrist I used to self-harm on, and then it just seemed even more perfect. While it's hurting as a result of the healing process, it feels like a self-harm scar, and so I instantly turn my wrists inwards to hide it, before remembering I don't have to hide it. If you look very closely, there's a small part of a white scar still showing above the tattoo. Tattooing over it feels like saying, 'I'm not going to do this again.'

I have an appointment to get my Marilyn pinup in December, and my sister and I have agreed to get matching tattoos in a few months (we haven't decided what yet but I've left her thinking about it cause she's really excited.) That'll be six tattoos by next year. After that many, you pretty much accept the fact that you're going to be covered in them. I made Bob promise he'll still love me when I'm a 'crusty old goth'. :P

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